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Mobile Home Inspection

Mobile homes are in an entirely different ballpark than site-built homes and have their own risks that should be addressed differently from other homes. As a result, a mobile home inspection varies greatly from a normal home inspection.

There are several key areas in a mobile home that are not directly accessible or visible during the inspection process. Since mobile homes are more susceptible to damage and deterioration, a proper mobile home inspection is crucial when making the decision to buy or sell.

Mobile Home Inspection

Mobile or manufactured homes are typically built off-site then transported to a site where they are installed. Some mobile homes are single-wide, but sectiioned homes like double-wides are transported separately and connected on site. Materials used in mobile home construction are usually much lighter than a site-built home, and in some cases, systems such as HVAC are smaller in size.

Electrical is another unique concern with mobile homes. In older mobile homes you may find aluminum wiring, and GFCI protection is sometimes missing. It is also common to find DIY repairs or upgrades. Since many mobile homes are smaller in size, space is often a concern, and accessibility can be an issue.

In the crawl space, wiring, plumbing, and insulation work might not be visible because the underside of a mobile home is normally covered in sheathing. Similarly, attic spaces might be limited to a small ceiling panel located inside a bedroom closet.

At MCJ Home Inspection LLC, our expert team are trained and experienced in mobile home inspections. We can help you determine potential issues if you are planning to buy or sell your next mobile home.