Professional Home Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection

MCJ Home Inspection LLC provides a comprehensive inspection of all major components and appliances of the property. Your easy to read report will outline any safety, structural, and maintenance concerns uncovered during the inspection. Written reports are completed and provide an assessment of any property.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Why get a pre-purchase home inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections benefit all parties involved. Here are several benefits to a pre-purchase home inspection:

1. Time – Realtors are given the proper time to help the seller determine what areas to work on in order to improve the overall quality of the home.

2. Flexibility – Sellers have more time to make repairs and compare bids on work to be done, and can truly provide full disclosure to potential buyers.

3. Accurate pricing – A pre-purchase home inspection helps the realtor set the seller’s price expectation and can be used to substantiate a higher asking price.

4. Full disclosure – Buyers’ benefits include receiving a third-party review of the home’s condition before making an offer which can assist in securing financing.

5. Stress relief – The inspection can remove any doubt the buyer may have regarding any initial concerns and may also reduce the stress associated with purchasing a home.

The benefits of completing a pre-purchase inspection cannot be stressed enough. It protects all parties involved by providing invaluable information so that educated decisions can be made.